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Jesilyn is a Wellness Coach with a passion for yoga, reiki, mindfulness, meditation, EFT and NLP. Jesilyn is committed to expanding her knowledge and learning new ways to support others on their path to wellness. As a young adult she was drawn to yoga. It gave her a sense of grounded connection with herself and the world around her. As her practice evolved and grew, she discovered Reiki. The benefits of these practices where clear, however she did not fully understand the depth of these benefits or the impact on improving her overall wellness until she became ill. Jesilyn continued to turn to yoga and expanded her personal growth and wellness. Through her practice she discovered meditation. The combination of these practices together enabled her to vividly see the path she wanted to take. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher certification and began her journey studying Reiki. Jesilyn earned her Reiki Master Certification and continues to remain engaged in furthering her practice and education. Jesilyn’s desire to help other people discover and commit to their own path to wellness lead her to study Health Coaching with Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As a person who see’s the value of continued growth Jesilyn continued her education and obtained a mindfulness certification. She has studied EFT and NLP. She became aware of the powerful way changing your thought process can help manifest a happier and healthier life. She experienced this transformation herself the more she incorporated EFT and NLP into her regular practice. Jesilyn is dedicated to the clients that she works with and incorporates multiple disciplines to assist individuals in meeting their wellness goals.  Jesilyn is passionate, and intuitive to her client’s needs, and can help them come to a place where self-healing can begin.


Onyx Yoga Studio, warren NJ 2017

Institute For Integrative Nutrition 2018

School of Applied Functional Medicine 2019-present

Reiki Master certification- Insight holistic health 2018

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