EFT (Tapping)


What is EFT?


Emotional Freedom Techniques helps to balance and release blockages within the humanistic energy system. These blockages are often the source of emotional discomfort and intensity that impact our ability to live a harmonious life. We all have challenging emotional responses that can impact our thought processes and behaviors. EFT helps to redirect and take control over these responses. Have you ever been impacted depression, anxiety, feeling stuck, compulsive or addictive behaviors or stuck in a thought pattern you would like to change? EFT can help with physical and emotional symptoms and is becoming more widely accepted in psychiatric, medicinal circles and healing disciplines. 



How Does it Work?


EFT is a non-medicinal, non-invasive treatment technique that simply uses tapping of the fingertips on energy meridians that are just beneath the surface of your skin. While engaging these meridian points EFT simultaneously helps to reinforce a more positive thought process by using affirmations that assist in overcoming the obstacle at hand. EFT is simple and easy to use and can done at home or at work. 



What I Offer:


EFT can be included in my health coaching sessions or a 45 minute session can be purchased for $65.00

 EFT Coaching packages are available and can be individualized upon request.