What is Meditation?

 Meditation is a simple practice to help us better understand our mind and transform our thoughts to become more positive. Meditation can be done anywhere, and benefits include; reduced stress, enhanced performance, gain insight, awareness and increase our attention to our own and others’ well-being. There are different styles of meditation to fit your individual needs.



Pranayama focuses on being aware of your breath, the life force that can both energize and relax your body. Developing a Pranayama practice can help to correct your natural breathing, expand awareness, deepen your spiritual connection. Pranayama improves sleep, decreased anxiety and symptoms of PTSD as well as many other benefits. 

Mindfulness is about learning to be present, develop awareness and to not become overly reactive or overwhelmed but life’s stressors. A mindfulness practice can include seated, walking, standing and moving meditation. Mindfulness can help us incorporate small pauses in our daily lives to shift our focus and awareness. Mindfulness can be a useful tool when merged with other activities including improved work performance, focus in sports and awareness in yoga. 

Mantra/Japa A mantra is a tool of the mind used to expand a specific state of consciousness. The most familiar mantra is OM or AUM. This is commonly used in many yoga and meditation classes. There are many different mantras that can be used, all of which generate vibrations or frequencies which resonate in our body, environment and mind. 




What I Offer:


I can help you explore what type of meditation works best for you and assist in developing a regular meditation practice. Meditation programs are designed to be individualized and provide education and accountability. Most meditation programs meet once or twice monthly for 45 minute sessions. Each session costs $45.00 if done in the home or online. Studio sessions cost $65.00. 

Package deals can be inquired about for group rates or individual packages.